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H2E Leadership Mentoring/Coaching

My Journey In Leadership

My journey in leadership started when I was 13 as Form Captain of my class at school and continued through to becoming co-leader of a European counselling organisation. I know the joy and pain of leadership, the tremendous opportunity to see a vision developed and fulfilled, individuals released into their full potential and the associated frustrations. A skilled coach/mentor with a leadership background would have been extremely helpful to be able to help me process!

Nature of Leadership Coaching

Coaching is about working with clients around their desire to move forward in their leadership.  Coaching results are not guaranteed and the client enters into the coaching with the full understanding they are responsible for creating their own results.

My Approach To Coaching

I believe in people’s ability to succeed and so I am committed as a coach to assisting my clients to achieve their goals, aspirations and dreams through purposeful, insightful questions and active listening.  With the client’s permission as part of a leadership coaching session, I can offer, as appropriate, mentoring, wisdom and insight.

Coaching Period And Sessions

Six one hour sessions at fortnightly or monthly intervals.

Coaching Venue

Preferably initial session face to face, depending on client’s location after that Skype/FaceTime/Whatsapp.

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