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God, the Planet and Me is 31 Creational blessings around environmental issues complied by Caroline Anderson.  It can be used over one month or by topic.  It is also flexible to use individually or by a group.
Each blessing has its own focus starting with the Creational events in Genesis 1  and moves into climate change related topics.  Each blessing has 4 parts; imagine, pray your own prayer, blessing & declaration.  Some also include links to further information and Doing our Bit.

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Be Still ebook series

A collection of 4 ebooks, the Be Still series is designed to help you deepen your everyday relationship with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  Comprising daily meditations and short messages from Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, they will guide you into deeper intimacy with them.  At whatever stage of your Christian walk you are at there is always more.  We invite you to discover the more.  There is no end to knowing God and the journey He takes us on is one of love, adventure, delight and fulfillment. 
Have lots of fun and turn your world inside out!

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Entwined Hearts ebook

Want to go deeper in your relationship with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit?  This booklet takes you on a journey into that.  Go at your own pace.  However far you are on your journey with them, there’s always more.  'Discover the more' is their invitation to you.

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