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About Us

The House of Glory is an expression of Heaven on Earth embracing ministry and business to spread the knowledge of the glory of God. It’s an umbrella organisation for various ministries and start-up businesses.

It was birthed 20+ years ago in the village of Thurston, Suffolk.  A group of Christians with a passion for Jesus came together, commonly known as The Well,  for worship, prayer and healing with no agenda.

We have had some extraordinary encounters with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  It is a place where all are welcomed and feel at home. We had been meeting regularly with people coming from around East Anglia until March 2020 when the world changed to online.  Seeing the need for healing with the emerging Coronavirus, we started an online healing room with the team made up of regular attenders at The Well.

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Business Start-up 

20/21  What a year - an incubation period for ideas!

Imagine the idea and business you’ve been dreaming of come into reality partnering with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  Now is the time! Partnering with them is the most fulfilling and profitable thing you can do.  They knew your idea and were the ones who seeded it into your spirit and mind. They know the roadmap for the way forward. Isn’t that exciting!

To help get you started The House of Glory offers short-term covering in terms of insurance.

If you need help with bringing your dream into reality, please get in touch.  We offer mentoring and coaching, a listening, a sounding board and spiritual wisdom.  We can also help with finding your purpose (your why) and the purpose Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit have for your business. 

You can find out more at 

At the House of Glory we love the generation of H2E (heaven to earth) ideas!

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