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H2E Full Spectrum Reviews

The Why?

H2E = Heaven to Earth

We believe that over the last 18 months or so there has been a shift for Kingdom Organisations/Businesses from representing Biblical values to collaborating with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit in alignment with heaven’s plan (blueprint).  As Jesus said ‘on earth as it is in heaven’. Part of the Review is about discovering heaven’s blueprint for the next season.

Full Spectrum

We believe that there are spiritual dimensions to an organisation/business as well as the practical functioning so in the Full Spectrum Review we take a look at both.  We listen to what heaven is saying, which acts as the plumbline, ensuring everything is in alignment.  Where there are negatives we look to see why and bring the necessary adjustments.


To sustain a thriving organisation/business, it’s essential to stop every so often, step aside and review how things are going. Full Spectrum provides that. It’s a unique and challenging opportunity to review your organisation/business from a 360 degree perspective. It is carried out with the directors/owners/leaders and looks through the lens of heaven to review:

  • Vision and values

  • History

  • Culture

  • Systems and structures

  • Growth and development

  • Locational land and community

Benefits of a Full Spectrum Review

  • Helps keep the organisation in alignment with vision, values and goals

  • Brings external and objective wisdom and insight to clarify desired   outcomes. 

  • Support - onward coaching keeping you and your organisation on track and thrive.

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