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Wake Up to Joy

Laughter Prayer Sessions

The sessions are held Monday to Friday for 30mins via Zoom (UK time).

Monday 8am & 7.30pm

Tuesday 8am

Thursday 8am

Friday 8am 

To join in, please contact us

You’ll find us on Facebook, Podbean and Twitter 

There are several reasons for the sessions:

  • It’s Biblical - see below

  • It’s good for our health

  • It has an intercessory role

  • It builds relationships

  • It bring peace as it’s a stress buster

  • It brings healing

  • It releases the oil of joy

The group started meeting together to laugh during the November 2020 lock down. Participants have found the sessions very helpful in building spiritual and emotional resilience. 

In the Bible joy, rejoicing and laughter are mentioned many times.

How often do we think about the truth that God is a joyful God?.

Nehemiah 8:10 talks of the joy of the Lord being our strength .  It’s not joy ‘in’ the Lord, it’s the joy ‘of’ the Lord; God is joyful. Ps. 16:11 mentions God’s presence is where we find fullness of joy (mirth and laughter).

He also laughs in the face of his enemies - Psalm 59:8

Science shows that laughter is powerful, it builds our immune system, it increases the oxygen flowing through our bodies, it is a stress reliever and brings peace. It brings healing. It releases T cells which are related to the healing of cancer. See 

NB.  This has NO association with yoga laughter, it is entirely based on the Word of God and in His presence.  

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