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Caroline is an experienced leadership coach, mentor and business consultant having been in leadership herself since she was 13! She has worked in business and the voluntary sector and is highly valued for her wisdom and insight, as well as her ability to get to the heart of even the most challenging of issues and help chart strategic and practical steps forward. She understands the pain and the joy of leadership.

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Success stories and testimonials

I have known Caroline for twenty plus years both personally and as a colleague and in all that time I have watched her repeatedly deal with difficult people and situations with a wisdom, grace and maturity that I have seldom seen in anyone else. She is completely trustworthy and has a high level of integrity and insight, has a light and tactful approach yet sees straight to the problem and therefore can then present a solution. She is great fun to work with yet is profoundly perceptive. Caroline is creative and perfectly at home thinking ‘outside the box’ whilst still being practical and realistic. I highly recommend Caroline to anyone who is seriously looking for answers to questions whether personal or business.  -JB

"We first met Caroline about 10 years ago. Our church had reached a critical point in its growth and needed a fresh approach to leadership and a new relationship with our history. After 20 years its easy to become stagnant and miss new opportunities so we needed a new viewpoint and rapid results. Within one weekend Caroline had provided this. She came with radical insight, sharp appraisals and revolutionary approaches. She understood our needs perfectly and with a strong sense of humour helped us sift our "stuff" and rescue the gems from the gravel.
Since that point Caroline has continued to be instrumental in helping us manage change and growth. She delivers with clarity and facilitates us in finding the solutions to our own problems. 
As a church it was crucial for us to find someone who could marry business and spiritual together and Caroline was our answer. She has a remarkable ability to draw different groups together and draw ideas and dreams out that had been dormant and forgotten. Best of all, we end up feeling that we found the answers to our problems, but needed the help to uncover them. Caroline has become a friend and mentor. We cannot recommend her highly enough.  -TS

Warm, friendly, inspiring, challenging…Caroline is passionate about growing people. She is highly skilled in helping clients along the journey of self-discovery and personal development, ensuring they maximize their potential no matter what sphere of influence they may be operating in. Highly recommended-every session enables the client to feel refreshed, inspired and motivated to move forward in their creativity and gifting with confidence to achieve their desired outcomes and goals. - MB

Caroline is a force of nature.  She has the unique ability to simplify and bring solutions to what seem like the most difficult situations.  I see her as the Titanic that smoothly cut through thick, impenetrable ice.  Yet although she is a force of nature, she is never forceful - she manages to walk with such authority but is never too loud and always joyful.  My life has been unquestionably changed for the better by her consistent and powerful presence in my life. She is also the most fully alive person I know - it is impossible to stay down and lacking hope in her presence. I unreservedly recommend her services. -MM

I have loved being mentored and coached by Caroline. With no previous experience of the benefits of coaching, it has provoked my thinking, strengthened my confidence in decision making and broadened by depth of understanding and approach to wider strategic matters. Caroline's approach is informal, easy going and kind. Her encouragement and timely questions empower you to believe in and achieve goals ahead of you, both personally and professionally. -LR

I began coaching with Caroline and I have to admit I was slightly skeptical to begin with. Caroline was brilliant, she made me feel at ease during the initial meeting and asked some very insightful questions. I was at a crossroads in my career and talking to Caroline helped me formulate and order my ideas and find a way to proceed. Caroline has a good way with her questioning and really made me think outside the box and explore other ideas I may not have previously explored. She helped me set manageable targets and time frames. I would definitely recommend Caroline and would go to her again myself.  -RH

If you want encouragement that isn't just fluffy words this is the person to talk to. Caroline sees into the heart of any given situation with an incredible insight and wisdom. She is able to bring clarity and revelation through her ability as a solution finder.

For individuals or teams she helps define the culture you want, the integrity to lead a team into their vision and strategy to maximise personal and corporate growth. Caroline will find your blind spots and help you find a way to walk out of them!

Caroline has been influential in our own personal growth and the growth of our organisation. -EA

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